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El Chess, Author

El (Ellin) Chess has been called a miracle, and rightfully so. Her story includes triumph over adversity. Her first 20 years were dominated by torture, extreme child abuse, and trauma. This was followed by 20 years of discovering what is really going on in the world and who she really is. From 40 to 60, she began her journey of actualizing who she wound up to be, and for the last ten years has been in the act of successfully creating the life she always hoped was possible.

El has multiple facets that show up in her life. From those dramatic beginnings, she has become a wise woman, truth sayer, storyteller, warrior, world bridger, re-writer of history, an empath, a sensitive healer, mother, grandmother, wife, sister, friend, world lover.

In the world, she has played many parts. They include: personal life coach for 30 years, seminar leader, keynote speaker at conventions, teacher, self-love educator, Executive Director of The Attitudinal Healing Center of Sonoma County, 10-day wilderness quester, business administrator and business owner.

She joined her first 12 step program 35 years ago, and today is enjoying recovery. It was at that time that she started on her spiritual path of self-love as a way to self-realization. Through the years, she has given seminars, workshops and private consultations on this self-love path. She is a gifted teacher who inspires and empowers others to learn how to live happy, healthy and satisfying lives.

El is the founder of a new 12 Step Program called Adults Abused As Children Anonymous. Book 2 (Steps 4-7), and Book 3, (StepsĀ 8-12) will be released in 2017.

Her enthusiasm for life springs from her obvious deep caring and commitment to offering hope to others who have had a difficult childhood and to demonstrate that a happy and satisfying life is more than possible for them.

El credits her living a fulfilled life today to developing courage, wanting to be happy, deep inquiry inside herself, and especially grace.

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